Zapya For PC: Get Zapya For Windows Or Mac Computer

If you have landed on this page, it means you are familiar with Zapya. Zapya is the top file transfer application. It has solved the major issues of the file transfer. Before the advent of applications, Bluetooth and USB data cable were the only choices. It is easy to send a single image or song with the help of Bluetooth. Just think about large files like HD movie that consist of 500+ MBs. In that situation, Bluetooth is going to take a lifetime to send data.

File transfer apps are the perfect solution for the data sharing. There are hundreds of file sharing app in the market from different vendors. Only few of them are worth to use. Zapya is one of them.

This post is a complete guide on Zapya for PC: get Zapya for Windows or Mac computer. Zapya gained so much fame short time period. After using it on Android and iOS devices. Users asked for more that is a PC version.

That’s why I have composed this post. Here you are going to learn how to install Zapya on PC.

But before going to the main topic. Lets discuss features of Zapya in detail.

Zapya is a unique application that uses unusual technology for data transfer. Unlike Bluetooth and USB cable, it utilizes Wi-fi technology of smart devices. Don’t worry, it is not going to cost you any data traffic.

You can  send any file like images, videos, songs, presentations, PDFs and much instantly. Zapya is responsible for top grade data transfer between devices.

It is supported by multiple devices. It means, whether you have PC, laptop or smart phone, Zapya is easy to install.

Due to Wifi technology, it is super fast. Speed is like 10MB per second. This way, it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Here comes my favorite part. It allows cross platform data transfer. You can send any file between iOS and Android device. Isn’t crazy!

Now coming to the main point. How to download Zapya for PC: get Zapya for Windows or Mac computer? The steps are pretty easy and stated below.

  • First of all install the Bluestacks emulator on the PC.
  • Once installation is finished, open up the application.
  • Login with your Google account credentials in order to use Play Store.
  • In the search bar, please insert “Zapya”.
  • Now simply install the ZApya from search results.
  • Enjoy data sharing!

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