Best Kik Messaging application of modern era

Thanks to the era of smart phones and smart people. This is the era where people are indulged in the social media interactions more than the usual live interaction which is not a bad thing. The existence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are most often became platforms for people for conversations and text messaging part is now part and parcel of life. Most of the adults and the teens and also the adolescents use the social media for messages and instant messages these days. But when it comes to messaging, you cannot use the same site for just for the sake of messages. There are many other platforms to do so. Before that there used to be a standard messaging service where one will be charging regular data charge for the SMSes. Now those days are gone. Again, thanks to the era of smart phones as it gave rise to many IM applications in text messaging. Now lets’ talk more about the Kik messenger since the article is dedicated to it.

Kik for PC Messenger is basically a mobile applications that is used to help the phone users to send and receive the messages in the phones. As of now, this is more used for the apps like iPhone, Windows and Android. Using certain tricks, this can also be used for BlackBerry. Here are the steps to download it.

Open the browser in Blackberry.

Now visit the official site of

Click on the download option at the top right corner of the screen and click on the Yes to start the download.

It starts downloading and after a successful installation, you can be able to run software on the device.

Its done and you have to create an account to login. Congrats! Now you’re a step ahead from using it. There are certain developments in the recent days, but that doesn’t make a difference in the download process of the application for the device.

After the successful download, you have to add friends and create a username and password. The phone number is mandatory to give there, but it’s kept as a privacy note for the users.

This is it about the new version of the device. So, have fun in Kiking. The comment section is for you to post some queries related to the app. Cheers!

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