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AnyShare is an amazing app available for both iPhone and Android. AnyShare free download is available on both platforms through their official App Stores. Offered by Know-Center GmbH, the app has just recently arrived on the scene. It is believed in the industry that the first 100 reviewers are the ones who are the least biased and thus their comments are the most illuminating. Among these first 100, the app has raked an impressive 4.9/5 rating, which speaks volumes about the awesomeness contained in these 4.1 MBs.

AnyShare apk download

AnyShare is built for compatibility on both Android and iOS. The major fan base of the app is on Android though. And the main asset of these AnyShare aficionados is the AnyShare apk. And we’re here to tell you where to get it from.

The app is easily available on Android’s Play Store and also on Apple’s App Store. But it can sometimes be hard to find or download, because of bad internet connection or improper firewalls installed. If similar is the case at your end, then we have the apk file you seek ready for download.

Click this link to get AnyShare apk file easily downloaded.

AnyShare features:

Now that we’ve told you how to get the app on your devices, it becomes essential to say why you should get it. AnyShare is pretty amazing to keep in your phone. Here’s how it is going to elevate the Android experience.

  • The design is really enjoyable. The green and white is a pretty good look for the app.
  • The interface is very user-friendly. The familiar slide menus are a major plus.
  • The app supports transferring files between iOS and Android as well, unlike many apps which require similar OS to work.
  • The app is pretty smartphone friendly; there is a lot of functionality for the amount of space occupied.
  • The app utilizes your hotspot to transfer files when WiFi is not available. But it doesn’t cost you a penny in data charges.

AnyShare for free download; Alternatives:

AnyShare is a pretty amazing app. But fact remains that it is a pretty recent app, having just hit the markets in December 2015. So it can be prudent to keep some alternatives in mind if and when a bug surfaces in the app experience. There are many apps in the WiFi File Transfer genre. But there is none that compares with SHAREit. There are others too, although. Xender is one that offers a beautiful interface along with amazing utility. SuperBeam is an app that has improved a lot since it first came. Maybe AnyShare will have a similarly upward slope? If you need another alternative, then we have Zapya, the app that arguably began the craze.

All these apps are pretty fast and each has something unique about them. Zapya’s gaming features are pioneering, and Xender’s IP sharing really brought out the possibility of file transfer without apps on both devices.

These is some quick 411 on AnyShare. Did we miss something out? Do you have a query? Post it down below and we’ll be sure to answer it ASAP!

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