How to stream ShowBox HD to ChromeCast

ShowBox is an app that is especially designed to entertain people with its unique features. It enables you to watch unlimited movies, songs and videos for free. Download movies and watch them anywhere and anytime you want.

ShowBox is the field for a long time now, it has grown its market to level where no application can reach through. It is known for its safe and secure method of downloading movies. Show Box is an app that will provide you with a huge library containing unlimited movies, videos and songs. Choose your favorite movies and download them in different resolutions and languages you to watch it in. It also enables you to convert video files to Audio in just seconds without any need of external converters. There are many more features that are unbeatable, but today we will discuss the process of streaming movies to ChromeCast through ShowBox HD.

You should know :-

There are many applications that are not available in play store or other app store. For instance, TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, ShowBox HD, CinemaBox HD, PlayView and many more. These apps can be downloaded from a variety of websites like uptodown, apkmirror, apkpolice, 9apps etc.

Stream ShowBox HD movies to ChromeCast

To watch downloaded movies on television via ChromeCast follow the steps given below :-

Step 1 – Download MX Player and LocalCast from respected app store.

Step 2 – Select Video in ShowBox and change the settings from player > other players

Step 3 – Click on “Watch now”

Step 4 – Share the link with MX Player

Step 5 – Click on the three dots available on the top of the screen.

Step 6 – Now click on Tools > share > LocalCast

Step 7 – Select your ChromeCast and watch the movie on your television screen.


ShowBox HD app is one of the best application for movie lovers till now. It does give you an amazing experience overall. Unlimited movies, latest videos and songs, they get updated to the app as soon as they are released. Therefore, ShowBox gives you an excellent experience of movies in different languages and resolutions you want in.

ShowBox is currently facing some technical problem due to which users are frustrated with the application. We request you all to update the app as soon as possible. The issue has been developed in the older version of ShowBox. It is still going through some maintenance. A little patience will be valued by the respected users of ShowBox.


Alternatives to PlayView Application

Playview is a movie streaming application. It is available for Android, iOS and PC users. PlayView is supported by many websites like YouTube, nowvideo, VK, Putlocker etc. Therefore, you can download videos and movies from these sites.

It is currently working successfully in the digital market. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t need its alternative. There are many alternatives to Playview. Let’s see them one by one :-

#1. ShowBox App

In the media market today, ShowBox has gained a lot of popularity. There are several reasons attached to it, the matter of fact is that it gives you a perfect picture quality and that too for free. ShowBox updates it app on a regular basis. Users can find all categories of movies and shows that they want to watch.

#2. MovieBox App

Though, MovieBox is relatively the same as any other movie streaming application, it does carry some amazing features which differentiate it from others. MovieBox allows you to create your own list of watched and unwatched films, users can explore upcoming movies, demanding films and read the reviews of your favorite critics. These few features makes MovieBox one of the best alternative to Playview.

#3. PlayBox App

PlayBox application is more of a kind of PlayView app. It allows you to download movies from YouTube and other websites. You can watch unlimited movies, shows and videos online. The only condition is to maintain a good internet connection. There are daily updates and changes made in the app. Kids mode is also available for the users. This makes parents work easy and simple.

#4. Cartoon HD App

Of course, by its name we are clear that it only shows cartoon movies and stuff. Cartoon HD App allows you to watch shows and movies including cartoons for kids, that too in High definition quality. Users can select videos and save them in their favorites list. It would be difficult to say that it is the best application, but yes it can work against PlayView.

#5. Popcorn time App

Popcorn time application has a very elegant and intuitive users interface. It is a tool that allows you to watch unlimited movies and T.V shows with good internet connection. The app takes .torrent files of the movies and episodes you want to watch and streams it on your device.

These were few alternatives to PlayView. Now it’s your call to take, you can choose your best option. I have tried to introduce you all to the best 5 alternatives to PlayView. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you!

Anyshare app free download

AnyShare is an amazing app available for both iPhone and Android. AnyShare free download is available on both platforms through their official App Stores. Offered by Know-Center GmbH, the app has just recently arrived on the scene. It is believed in the industry that the first 100 reviewers are the ones who are the least biased and thus their comments are the most illuminating. Among these first 100, the app has raked an impressive 4.9/5 rating, which speaks volumes about the awesomeness contained in these 4.1 MBs.

AnyShare apk download

AnyShare is built for compatibility on both Android and iOS. The major fan base of the app is on Android though. And the main asset of these AnyShare aficionados is the AnyShare apk. And we’re here to tell you where to get it from.

The app is easily available on Android’s Play Store and also on Apple’s App Store. But it can sometimes be hard to find or download, because of bad internet connection or improper firewalls installed. If similar is the case at your end, then we have the apk file you seek ready for download.

Click this link to get AnyShare apk file easily downloaded.

AnyShare features:

Now that we’ve told you how to get the app on your devices, it becomes essential to say why you should get it. AnyShare is pretty amazing to keep in your phone. Here’s how it is going to elevate the Android experience.

  • The design is really enjoyable. The green and white is a pretty good look for the app.
  • The interface is very user-friendly. The familiar slide menus are a major plus.
  • The app supports transferring files between iOS and Android as well, unlike many apps which require similar OS to work.
  • The app is pretty smartphone friendly; there is a lot of functionality for the amount of space occupied.
  • The app utilizes your hotspot to transfer files when WiFi is not available. But it doesn’t cost you a penny in data charges.

AnyShare for free download; Alternatives:

AnyShare is a pretty amazing app. But fact remains that it is a pretty recent app, having just hit the markets in December 2015. So it can be prudent to keep some alternatives in mind if and when a bug surfaces in the app experience. There are many apps in the WiFi File Transfer genre. But there is none that compares with SHAREit. There are others too, although. Xender is one that offers a beautiful interface along with amazing utility. SuperBeam is an app that has improved a lot since it first came. Maybe AnyShare will have a similarly upward slope? If you need another alternative, then we have Zapya, the app that arguably began the craze.

All these apps are pretty fast and each has something unique about them. Zapya’s gaming features are pioneering, and Xender’s IP sharing really brought out the possibility of file transfer without apps on both devices.

These is some quick 411 on AnyShare. Did we miss something out? Do you have a query? Post it down below and we’ll be sure to answer it ASAP!

Free Vidmate apk download

Vidmate, for the uninitiated, is an amazing app that downloads you videos, mp3, apps, games and much more. the app started out as a simple video downloader, and it has grown by leaps and bounds to now include functionalities such as video locking and meme making. More features are expected soon too!

Unfortunately, this app isn’t available on Google’s Play Store. The app relies on being downloaded off the internet through third party websites as an apk file. It is also available on the official website of the app.

Vidmate apk is a pretty useful file. Think of the unparalleled usefulness of the app. But apart from that, the file can also help you install the app on your Windows PC. Yes, that’s right! With a simple thing called an emulator, you can very easily play the app on your PC, no partitions or external drivers essential.

Vidmate’s apk file is available for no cost! the app is free for all platforms and on all sites. There are no ads on the app either, which makes it a wonderful asset.

To install Vidmate on your mobile, make sure your device has “Unknown Sources” enabled. This is essential, since by default, Android does not allow you to install apps from apk files received from outside the Play Store.

So this was all about getting and using the free Vidmate apk file. let us know if you have any queries or questions we left unanswered.


Best Kik Messaging application of modern era

Thanks to the era of smart phones and smart people. This is the era where people are indulged in the social media interactions more than the usual live interaction which is not a bad thing. The existence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are most often became platforms for people for conversations and text messaging part is now part and parcel of life. Most of the adults and the teens and also the adolescents use the social media for messages and instant messages these days. But when it comes to messaging, you cannot use the same site for just for the sake of messages. There are many other platforms to do so. Before that there used to be a standard messaging service where one will be charging regular data charge for the SMSes. Now those days are gone. Again, thanks to the era of smart phones as it gave rise to many IM applications in text messaging. Now lets’ talk more about the Kik messenger since the article is dedicated to it.

Kik for PC Messenger is basically a mobile applications that is used to help the phone users to send and receive the messages in the phones. As of now, this is more used for the apps like iPhone, Windows and Android. Using certain tricks, this can also be used for BlackBerry. Here are the steps to download it.

Open the browser in Blackberry.

Now visit the official site of

Click on the download option at the top right corner of the screen and click on the Yes to start the download.

It starts downloading and after a successful installation, you can be able to run software on the device.

Its done and you have to create an account to login. Congrats! Now you’re a step ahead from using it. There are certain developments in the recent days, but that doesn’t make a difference in the download process of the application for the device.

After the successful download, you have to add friends and create a username and password. The phone number is mandatory to give there, but it’s kept as a privacy note for the users.

This is it about the new version of the device. So, have fun in Kiking. The comment section is for you to post some queries related to the app. Cheers!

Download KIK Messenger For PC

Smart phone opened new dimensions for the communication. The most prominent features smart phone brought is chatting. Before messengers, People were connecting through text messages or emails. But messengers brought something unique.

Right now, there are plenty of messengers in the market. But in this post, we are going to talk about KIK messenger. KIK was first introduced in the year 2009. That time, the market for messengers was evolving. And then developers of KIK saw the opportunity to avail. They came up with unique and great messengers that was delivering much more than a  text message.

Within two weeks, over one million users registered for KIK. That was a huge advantage for KIK. Right now, over 210 million users are registered with KIK. It is evident that the youth is mad about this messenger.

In fact, a user tries to use this on PC. That’s why this post is composed in the first place. I will explain how to install this app on your PC or laptop. This way KIK login online on PC is possible.

But before going to main content, please have a look at its features.

Features Of KIK:

  • Its interface is so simple and unique. Simple does not mean it is not elegant. Users face no issue while using this application.
  • The best and unique feature offered by KIK is web surfing within the application. No other messenger provides such feature.
  • You need to create your account on KIk in order to use its services.
  • You can invite your friends and family to use KIK by sending invitation through SMS and emails.
  • You can send everything using KIK, like images, videos, voice notes, media and much more.
  • Make your conversation full of fun with thousands of emoticons.
  • It is an open source app and anyone can use it for free.

Download KIK For PC:

Here are the simple steps to install KIK on PC.

  • First install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  • After installation, start the emulator.
  • In search bar, look for “KIK”.
  • To install it from Play Store, please add Google account credentials.
  • Let it install! That’s it!
  • Now enjoy chatting!

Zapya For PC: Get Zapya For Windows Or Mac Computer

If you have landed on this page, it means you are familiar with Zapya. Zapya is the top file transfer application. It has solved the major issues of the file transfer. Before the advent of applications, Bluetooth and USB data cable were the only choices. It is easy to send a single image or song with the help of Bluetooth. Just think about large files like HD movie that consist of 500+ MBs. In that situation, Bluetooth is going to take a lifetime to send data.

File transfer apps are the perfect solution for the data sharing. There are hundreds of file sharing app in the market from different vendors. Only few of them are worth to use. Zapya is one of them.

This post is a complete guide on Zapya for PC: get Zapya for Windows or Mac computer. Zapya gained so much fame short time period. After using it on Android and iOS devices. Users asked for more that is a PC version.

That’s why I have composed this post. Here you are going to learn how to install Zapya on PC.

But before going to the main topic. Lets discuss features of Zapya in detail.

Zapya is a unique application that uses unusual technology for data transfer. Unlike Bluetooth and USB cable, it utilizes Wi-fi technology of smart devices. Don’t worry, it is not going to cost you any data traffic.

You can  send any file like images, videos, songs, presentations, PDFs and much instantly. Zapya is responsible for top grade data transfer between devices.

It is supported by multiple devices. It means, whether you have PC, laptop or smart phone, Zapya is easy to install.

Due to Wifi technology, it is super fast. Speed is like 10MB per second. This way, it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Here comes my favorite part. It allows cross platform data transfer. You can send any file between iOS and Android device. Isn’t crazy!

Now coming to the main point. How to download Zapya for PC: get Zapya for Windows or Mac computer? The steps are pretty easy and stated below.

  • First of all install the Bluestacks emulator on the PC.
  • Once installation is finished, open up the application.
  • Login with your Google account credentials in order to use Play Store.
  • In the search bar, please insert “Zapya”.
  • Now simply install the ZApya from search results.
  • Enjoy data sharing!

Best cloud storage apps on your Android!

Well, cloud computing is now the new cool and a must have for everyone. After all, saving up on phone space is indeed bliss. Have a look at our list and you will definitely thank us:

Amazon Cloud drive

Well, it is an amazing app for all those using Amazon Prime. The already existing users already get 5GB of space and unlimited video/photo back up. You can as well upgrade to $60 per year. The app could be bugging at times but it works reall well enough to let you access your files online.


It is available for free or various payment options- $5/month, $10/month, $15/month along with many other options. Many of the apps already come with Box integrated into them. New users can go for free accounts or get 100GB storage at only $10/month. The app is simple to use and is focused more on simplicity and eay functioning.


This also has many options as far as the amount to be paid is concerned, that is: free, $4.99 or $9.99/month! You get 15GB of free storage when you sign up for the application. It is decent enough as far as the design element is concerned; the general agreement is that it works quite well enough!

Google Drive

Google Drive is an all time option, isn’t it? You can let the person edit the document as well as share data along with files to others. You get 15 GB of data as free storage along with the Google+ social network app that comes up with unlimited picture storage capacities.  Google Drive is ineed an amazing app with an easy and simple user interface.


Dropbox is the second favourite after Google Drive for quite a number of users. Despite having comparatively less storage capacity, 2GB that is, it can still be expanded up to 16 GB. It is super fast as far as working is concerned at also is comes with a variety of data backup options along with many packages to pick up from.


SugarSync gives you 5GB of free data as a time trial period for a total of three months; after which you are charged 9.99 USD per month for a storage space of 100 GB. It has a list of payment options available and many other features that sets the application apart from others. You can invite friends; connect to various networking sites and all the basic sharing options available! It is one of the most impulsive apps

So that was all about the best of cloud storage devices available on your Android devices! Happy storing and sharing!


SHAREit is an another wonderful app with millions of download in Google Play Store. It is available for PC, android, iOS and windows phones. It is by far the fastest file transferring app available in market. There are few more file transferring app like zapya,xender and superbeam. You can download shareit from the official website.

10 great apps you have to try!

There are so many great apps competing for space on your phone. so many have such great utility, and so many look so lovely, that it is impossible to judge for yourself which app is the deserving one. Worry not, let’s see what a third person perspective on the apps is. Maybe that will lead us to a better decision.